Rental Vehicle Coverage

Did you know that ICBC offers Rental Vehicle Coverage for BC residents? The cost of purchasing rental vehicle insurance directly from the car rental coverage can often double the cost of renting a car!  Fortunately, ICBC offers several ways that a BC Resident with a valid driver’s license can purchase this coverage separately.  In fact, if you already have a vehicle insured, you may even already have this coverage.

If you insure a car in BC and have purchased either the RoadStar or RoadSide Plus packages, rental vehicle insurance is already included with both of those coverages.  If you haven’t purchased one of these packages, you can add them to your current vehicle insurance policy (subject to eligibility requirements) by visiting an Autoplan broker.

If you have a valid driver’s license and are a BC resident, but don’t insure your own car, you can still purchase a Rental Vehicle Coverage policy from ICBC.  The daily rates are usually much lower compared with those offered by the rental car company.  In order to purchase Rental Vehicle Coverage, just stop by an Autoplan broker with your driver’s license.

Some additional facts about rental vehicle coverage:

  • Claims made under your ICBC Rental Vehicle Coverage do not affect your claim rated scale discount.
  • The coverage is valid for vehicles rented in Canada or the United States only.
  • Valid only on rental contracts of 30 days or less.