Income Tax Returns

In addition to the insurance services offered, we also do Personal Canadian Income Tax Returns.  Our office is able to provide EFILE services for eligible individuals.  We prepare your tax return using the information you provide and professional tax preparation software.  Our rates are very competitive and start as low as $40/tax return.

The process is simple and very straightforward.  You can drop off your slips and information at any of our locations.  Once the information has been entered and the return is ready to be filed, a folder containing all of your slips and a complete printed copy of the tax return will be sent to whichever office you prefer.  Then all you need to do is review the information and sign the paperwork giving us permission to transmit the tax return electronically.  It is important that you do review the tax return as we do not provide audit services and any information omitted is your responsibility.  We require no payments up front and if you are getting any refund, it will be sent directly to you from the CRA.

We provide tax services year round! Even if you’ve missed the deadline for electronically filing your return, or if you are not eligible to have your return electronically filed, we can still assist you in preparing a paper-file tax return.  If you have a problem with a tax return from a previous year, we can also assist you in preparing an adjustment (even if we didn’t do your taxes that year).

If you have questions about your specific tax situation or want to see if we would be able to help you prepare your tax return, please contact our Central City Location, as that is where our tax preparers operate.  (Please note that we may be unable to provide an accurate quote without reviewing all your tax information in person as the complexity of information on slips can vary from client to client.)